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Level 1 Practitioner Training (4-Week Online Course)

Professional Hypno-Birthing In Practice

** Starts May 5th 2021 **

what is PROFESSIONAL Hypno-Birthing In Practice?

Hypno-Birthing involves the use of hypnotherapy techniques and physical preparation to aid the birthing process and every year tens of thousands of mums-to-be, and their partners, are seeking help from qualified practitioners.

However, the majority of courses use very basic techniques and so when professional midwife Anne Bayati trained in hypno-birthing in 2013, she soon realised that although helpful, she still did not feel fully equipped to deal with the wide range of psychological challenges the birth process can present, so decided to deepen her hypnotherapy knowledge, with Andrew Parr.

Now, combining this with her own 11 years experience as a BSC Honours Midwife, she is finally revealing her own unique and in-depth approach to aiding people through pregnancy, childbirth and beyond, so that you can share in her knowledge.

Professional Hypno-Birthing In Practice will set a new standard in Hypno-Birthing and this is an opportunity for you to get in now and become part of a new movement to restore the birth experience to the natural, instinctive process nature intended it to be, whilst adding to your skills and increasing your client and practice offering.


How Hypno-Birthing Dates Back As Far As 1853 ... And Probably Earlier.

The Proven Best Mindset For Encouraging Calm Confidence During Birth

How To Help People Prepare For ALL Births, Including Natural, Induced and Caesarean.

The Two NLP Techniques That Are ESSENTIAL For Working With Pregnancy & Childbirth

The Best Breathing & Relaxation Methods That Actually Work In Practice

The Importance Of Creating The Right Environment For Birth And Having The Right Birthing Partner.

The 5 Advantages Of Hypno-Birthing Over Traditional Methods

The Secret To Helping Women Re-Build Trust In Their Own Bodies Ability To Give Birth

How To Overcome Negative Portrayals From Media & Western Medicine

How To Help Birth Become A Natural Instinctive Process For The Mother

The 6 Keys That Couples are Wanting For Their Birth Experience & How To Help Them Manage Expectations

The 8 Common Emotional Issues That Birth Can Trigger, & How To Deal With Them

The "Robot Theory" & How It Relates To Physical Sensations During Childbirth

Medical Terminology That Causes Fear & How To Translate it To Positive Vocabulary & Language

The Physiology of The Fear-Tension-Pain Cycle & How To Help Mothers Minimise The Impact During Birth

The Jaw-Mouth-Pelvis Connection & How To Use It For Releasing Tension During Birth

Why Animals Suffer Less Than Human Females During Birth & What We Can Learn From This

Introduction To How Women Give Birth & Techniques To Support The Bodies Natural Processes

How To Change Labour Sensations To Maintain Psychological Control During Birth

How To Help Women And Their Partners Retain Control If The Birth Path Changes 

The 5 Conditions That Encourage The Birth Muscles To Open Naturally

The 26 Common Causes Of Post-Natal PTSD And How To Be Aware & Prepare

Plus So Much More!!

develop your expertise With A Leading specialist

As Hypno-birthing becomes ever-increasingly popular, with more hospitals now even introducing it as part of their offering. there will be an ever-increasing demand for private, qualified practitioners who can deliver a high quality, bespoke, professional service, and this is why Top UK Hypno-Birthing Specialist Anne Bayati is THE person to learn from.

Learning from Anne, you will not only develop your own skills, expertise and confidence, but your clients will benefit and feel more secure booking sessions with you because of the depth of your learning.


  • Make full use of the hypnotherapy principles and techniques you’ve already been taught or are learning.
  • Peer support, with additional free resources and future discounts
  • Access to more expert information, including specialist coaching, mentoring and supervision, if required.
  • This can be taken as a stand alone course, or as the first part of the Professional Hypno-Birthing In Practice Diploma Course available at a later date

WHo should attend?

Some prior hypnotherapy knowledge is required, so this course is sutable for any students or practitioners of hypnotherapy who wish to deepen their skills and knowledge.

Fully Certified 10 Hours CPD With The NCH

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Hypno-Birthing In Practice (Level 1) 495
£ 495.00
Hypno-Birthing In Practice (Level 1) 3 x £165
£ 165.00


  • Hypno-Birthing In Practice (Level 1) 495

  • Total

    GBP £495.00



"No other natural bodily function is painful and childbirth should not be an exception" 

Dr Grantley Dick-Reid

With Top UK Hypno Birthing Specialist, Birth Trauma Therapist,  Ante-Natal Educator & BSc Hons Midwife ...

Anne Bayati



RESULTS - Anne is an absolute expert in her field and having attended hundreds of births she will teach you what you ACTUALLY need to know, to help individuals or couples prepare for a positive birth experience.

CONFIDENCE – You will come away with a clear strategy for helping individuals or couples prepare for birth, either as individual consultations, or as a 4-Week Professonal Hypno-Birthing Package.

 CLIENTS - Expand your offering to become the go-to person for hypno-birthing in your area, and  be able to say "yes", when people ask if you can help with this.


Confidently work with individuals or couples who want to use natural hypnosis methods to enhance childbirth and aid the birth recovery process ...

Help address the fears and worries of "all mums" and their partners ...

Effectively treat any general fears or anxieties resulting from a previous birth or pregnancy ...

Offer a 4-Week Professional Hypno-Birthing Course To Help Individuals & Couples Best Prepare For A Calm Birth ...


Complete Recordings of each session so you can either watch and re-watch on-demand, especially if you cannot make any of the live sessions.

Copies of the slides and PDF notes on each session.

Access to a dedicated members area for extra resources as they  become available.

A pdf guide for clients to take away to help them apply what you will be teaching them

4-Session Professional Hypno-Birthing In Practice Treatment Plan (that you can offer as a package to mums-to-be and partners).

Sample case studies covering common birth related related problems, with advice on treatment approaches.

Opportunity to deepen your knowledge later on when Anne releases her full Professional Hypno-Birthing In Practice Diploma Course

CPD Certificate And Level 1 Award In Professional Hypno-Birthing In Practice. 

Dates, Times & Details

4-week Interactive Online Study Class Via Zoom, 10 am to 12.30 pm on the following dates:

Wednesday 5 th May 2021

Wednesday 12 th May 2021

Wednesday 19 th  May 2021

Wednesday 26 th May 2021

**Recordings will be available if you cannot make the live dates.**


Special Introductory Offer

Only £495 

*Instalment Option available*

Secure Your Place Today With 100% Peace of Mind!


If for any reason you are not 100% happy after the first training session we will refund your money in full - no questions asked

About ANNE

About Anne Bayati:

  • Fully Qualified Hypnotherapist Dip PHH AMACCPH
  • Fully Qualified Hypno-birthing Practitioner Dip HB
  • Fully Registered Midwife BSc Hons
  • Fully Qualified Birth Trauma Resolution Therapist
  • Lead Midwife for Hypnobirthing within her local Trust

Registered With:

  • Accredited Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Hypnotherapists (ACCPH)
  • Federation of Antenatal Educators (FEDANT)
  • Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC)
  • Birth Trauma Resolution (BTR)
  • Hypnobirth Midwives UK
  • Association of Hypnobirthing Midwives (AHBM)

praise For Anne's Work

"We were so incredibly lucky to have the most incredible hypnobirth - thanks to you -  I still can’t believe it!

The midwives said it was one of the most incredible births they had seen in a very long time.

Our baby was so relaxed when he was born they said it was like he didn’t realise he’d been born!

Everything about the birth experience was just perfect and as we visualised! So a million ‘thank yous’ from the bottom of our hearts!

We will be eternally grateful for the information, advice and support you provided and hope to be able to use the principles in our lives more generally too."

Mr. and Mrs. T, Tonbridge

"If the mind is in the right place, the body can be left to get on with what it was designed for - to give birth effectively." 

"I am passionate about helping people and making a difference to their lives, through my Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing and Midwifery work."

Anne Bayati

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